what is awareness training?


We balance the dominance of the mind with the listening of the heart.


At its most basic level, awareness training begins with the concept of the witness.

We’re not able to transform what we’re not able to be with. Witnessing allows you to see clearly. We start to uncover the mechanism, to look behind the curtain and get a more accurate, actionable, usable picture of what’s happening. What are the forces within your own psyche that are manipulating or steering your life that seem to be cruel fate?

Awareness Training focuses on two things:

  1. Being present in your life, not as a mystical state you attain but as a result of everyday work, and

  2. Reacquainting you with your own connection to spirit or the divine. Validating your whole heart as a source of information to navigate your life.

What I’ve found is that if people do the work of growing the witness, what happens naturally is their lives begin to realign around who they really are, that bigger part of themselves and what’s important.

One client called me because she was chronically late, especially during vacations. Like, she missed the flight--twice. It was totally frustrating and baffling that this would occur. She was frustrated because witnessing didn’t seem like it was related.

But three months later she texted me, “I’m at the airport, it’s an hour before my flight, and I’m enjoying a cup of coffee.”

When we got to who she was and what she was up to, the things that were in the way of that stopped being in the way.

We’re not trying to eliminate or change them or fix patterns, we’re simply trying to not be automatically unconsciously doing them.


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