Before Dave, I was very cold. I didn’t really speak or talk to my family. I had a lot of anger and resentment I was putting in the wrong place and it made my family sad. Once I woke up, it became extremely painful because you feel. I’m not going to lie. I’ve become a baby and cry a lot more. I finally feel. I’m ok with being a strong man who also cries once in a while.
— Matt Bubel, Songwriter & Producer
He’ll warn you, but Dave is very blunt. No sugar coating. He said, ‘I feel like you would jump in front of a bus for your girlfriend’s dreams but won’t even step off a curb for yourself. What we’re working on is for you to recognize your dreams and live your dreams. She’s not with you for what you do for her but for who you are.’

After that talk, I had a lot of clarity and a huge weight lifted off of me I didn’t know was there. Working with Dave has helped me pinpoint my passion and dream and know it’s OK to go after it no matter what it is.
— Jamie Wright, Photographer
Dave is a person who really wants the very best for you and is dedicated to only tell you the truth of your heart, and which sometimes kicks me in my ass and it always moves me forward.
— John Prentice, Musician & Artist
From the outside people always viewed me as being so comfortable in my skin, but I wasn’t. I didn’t feel connected to a sense of purpose. My gut was no longer allowing me to go the way my brain wanted me to go.

In about two months time after working with Dave, my experience of my life was very different. Even though my circumstances were the same, I felt different. He helped my husband and I put together a business plan and structure for our salon and wellness spa which is now my life.
— Gabrielle Caldwell, Wellness Salon Owner
The thing I respect and love most about Dave is just how straightforward he is with you even when it’s something you don’t wanna hear.
— Jamie Wright, Photographer
Working with Dave has been incredible in keeping me focused on effectively using the time that I have to build my business. We’ve linked my dreams and goals to a practical plan to get me there, and I’ve made more progress building my business in the past three months than since I’ve founded my company. Most importantly I’m not overwhelmed and I love how the business is growing.
— Sophia Rea, Chocolate Sommelier and Business Owner
Dave has this nice balance of being part of the material world, a business mind, adding structure and an order in which to place things… but also a nice rooting of helping explore why something is important and looking for the lessons learned. It’s a spiritual experience and also very practical.
— Gabrielle Caldwell, Wellness Salon Owner