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Living heartfully doesn’t mean you ignore the bottom line


We work with founders who embrace the notion of a heartful life leading to a thriving business.

If you’re going to put your heart and soul into your business, let’s make sure two years later you look around and still love it.

For most businesses, any mission or vision statement was part of a great retreat in a cabin in the woods. It’s not dynamically used in real time to inform difficult decisions and align them with what you’re up to.

At Spiritos, we dovetail Awareness Training with business consulting to create a unique company compass for you and your team.

This is a way to manifest your passion inside a structure of the Western world.

Spiritos is a bridge between two worlds—business + heartfulness—that oftentimes people think of as very separate.

We’ve spent ten years developing and leading corporate leadership training. Let’s talk about what Spiritos could bring to your business.


Dave’s the most relational numbers guy I’ve ever worked with, or the most financially aware and informed psycho-spiritual coach I can think of. He’s is the only guy I’ve ever worked with that can do all three and move seamlessly between as the need arises.

So Dave says, ‘here’s a little spreadsheet I’ve been perfecting over the last 15 years and it’s going to be a useful model, so let’s open it up to page one…’ and then he’s able to pivot back and ask ‘What’s scaring you?’ and have a legitimate conversation about that.
— Dr. B Dodge Rea, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Dave has this nice balance of being part of the material world, a business mind, adding structure and an order in which to place things… but also a nice rooting of helping explore why something is important and looking for the lessons learned. It’s a spiritual experience and also very practical.
— Gabrielle Caldwell, Wellness Salon Owner
Working with Dave has been incredible in keeping me focused on effectively using the time that I have to build my business. We’ve linked my dreams and goals to a practical plan to get me there, and I’ve made more progress building my business in the past three months than since I’ve founded my company. Most importantly I’m not overwhelmed and I love how the business is growing.
— Sophia Rea, Chocolate Sommelier & Business Owner

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