awareness training

for creative souls

ancient wisdom + contemporary coaching

Learn to balance the dominance of the mind with the listening of the heart.

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What are you seeking?


awareness training for individuals
How much can you enjoy your life?

Is your life feeling a little too ordinary for you? Do you feel like there’s a YOU wanting to get expressed that you haven’t been quite introduced to, yet?

a spiritos quest
Tapping into your innate wisdom

One person said it was magical and so, so fun. Another said “I felt more peaceful and at home with myself than I can remember feeling before.” Another just felt a huge wave of relief and was happy to know she was no longer preparing for her life, but in it.

awareness training for business
Creating a heartful compass for your team

Balancing the spiritual with the practical to ensure that mission you’re giving your life to gives you life back.

what is awareness training?

Awareness Training focuses on two things:

  1. Being present in your life, not as a mystical state you attain but as a result of everyday work, and

  2. Reacquainting you with your own connection to spirit or the divine. Validating your whole heart as a source of information to navigate your life.

In a nutshell? We balance the dominance of the mind with the listening of the heart.

about dave


business + heartfulness

Dave Beroset is a loving, wise, intuitive guide who combines ancient wisdom and contemporary coaching to help you balance the dominance of your mind with the listening and knowing of your heart. The result? A heartful life in which you’re freed up to live and thrive and fulfill on your soul’s mission.


“In two months time, my experience of life
was very different.”

From the outside people always viewed me as being so comfortable in my skin, but I wasn’t.  I didn’t feel connected to a sense of purpose. My gut was no longer allowing me to go the way my brain wanted me to go. In about two months time, my experience of my life was very different. Even though my circumstances were the same, I felt different. I worked with Dave consistently for 2 years, and we’ve stayed in touch since then. He helped my husband and I put together a business plan and structure for our salon and wellness spa which is now my life.

—Gabrielle Caldwell, Wellness Salon Owner