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Calling all creative souls


A lot of people who come to Spiritos are in creative professions—musicians, artists, wellness spa owners.

Then there are those people who might not be waving a creative flag, but who they are is creative, and we work with a lot of those, too. An accountant client of ours speaks with rhapsodic pleasure about how he loves to solve accounting puzzles, and that’s where he feels alive and creative.

Just between us? We believe every human being is a creative soul.

However, sometimes there are barriers to the expression of a soul’s creativity—and that’s why we’re here.

Is your life feeling a little too ordinary for you? Do you feel like there’s a YOU wanting to get expressed that you haven’t been quite introduced to, yet?

Do you simply long to feel at home and comfortable in your own skin?

How much can we enjoy our lives while we’re here?

I hit a breaking point when I saw myself doing destructive things I didn’t think I was capable of doing. Dave knows how to shape his teaching and guidance to anyone. For me, he’s very honest. Sometimes painfully so. But he also knows when to push and when to back off. He’s a master at that. I kept showing up, and every time I showed up — in a mental, spiritual, and psychological way, I was waking up.
— Matt Bubel, Songwriter & Producer
The thing I respect and love most about Dave is just how straightforward he is with you even when it’s something you don’t wanna hear.
I was very good at figuring out what people wanted to hear and giving the proper answer. Dave immediately shut that down for me — and that’s a good way to sum up our relationship.

He’s good at catching the stuff I’ve done that causes me unhappiness and that prevents me from operating truly as myself. He brings it to light and allows me to be fully me.
— John Prentice, Musician, Producer, Songwriter

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