a spiritos quest


What is a spiritos quest?


People find it very difficult to describe the Spiritos Quest experience, and, in fact, talk about it in different ways.

One client said it was magical and so, so fun. Another said “I felt more peaceful and at home with myself than I can remember feeling before.” Another just felt a huge wave of relief and was happy to know she was no longer preparing for her life, but in it.

A Spiritos Quest is part prayer, part adventure.

It starts with some exploratory conversation. Dave leads the creative process by crafting a custom intention that the two of you collaborate on until it fits you perfectly, and you can’t wait for that to start showing up in your life.

During your Quest Call, a separate session, you’ll be guided through an experience shaped by kinesiology, tarot, visualizations, and other divination methods—not as a way of forecasting the future, but as a way to connect and hear better.

A few hours later, you’re going to wonder where the time went, because now… it’s your time.

And all of this can be done from your comfy sofa.

When should I schedule a Spiritos Quest?

That’s like asking when is it a good time to get a genuine hug.

A Spiritos Quest is good anytime you want to become more alive.

If you’ve been working on yourself and your life for a while and still feel a little piece straggling, a dramatic shift can happen out of a Quest. You’re at a cusp moment. There’s an intention and yearning for something to occur, but accessing it must happen beyond the mind.

Consider, that if you’re reading this right now, there is a reason. Perhaps it’s time for you to embark upon your very own Spiritos Quest.

Just the process of creating an intention with Dave was profound. I have a talisman that I turn to. I can’t quite explain how it got created, but it is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen because it’s mine. This intention is exactly how I’d want my life to go in my wildest dreams.
— Victoria Lucia Montemayor, Entrepreneur

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