At Spiritos, we honor old arts, ancient wisdom, and practices with a long tradition—and yet are firmly grounded in what it is to make a life now that feels good and feeds your spirit. That’s what happens when you balance the dominance of the mind with the listening of the heart.

We are an environment that inspires aliveness and joy, connection and community. Here, people are freed up to share their best gifts with the world.


The story behind the name

Spiritos (n.)—spirit, plural
Language: Esperanto

The word spiritos is an Esperanto word—it’s related to the Latin spiritus as well as spirit, soul, courage, and vigor.

Esperanto is a created language with no geography, designed to be an universal language free of borders and constraints. Esperanto has its own culture, literature, magazine, but unlike all other languages the Esperanto language does not have its own country or people.

What it does have instead, is a community. It’s a supranational language, with 2 million speakers, which goes beyond the confines of a given nation.

We like to think of Spiritos as a community made up of like-minded spirits—the creative souls in this world committed to supporting themselves and each other in living a heartful life.


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